Inspections conducted by Crane Safety & Inspections will:

  • Ensure the components are not defective or damaged when inspected prior to arrival at the jobsite or prior to assembly, which could lead to expensive delays.

  • Ensure equipment owners supply compliant equipment as required by the manufacturer, OSHA, ASME, ANSI, and other local and state regulations that may be applicable.

  • Provide assurance to the client that their hoisting equipment is erected to the manufacturer’s specifications and all limits and safety devices are set properly.

  • Ensure that equipment is inspected & maintained as required by the manufacturer’s specifications, local, state and federal regulations through the duration at the job site when inspected on a regular basis.

Our inspection reports are computer generated and are immediately transmitted electronically to our customer following an inspection. The detailed report includes photographs of the equipment identifying any recommendations/deficiencies found at the time of inspection and references all applicable, local, state and federal regulations and the manufacturer’s specifications relating to each recommendation or deficiency found during inspection. Inspections can be certified by a licensed engineer.

Inspections are conducted for equipment of all types and configurations:

Crane Safety & Inspections provides comprehensive insurance to meet your company's requirements.



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