Safety Officer for equipment A & D (Assembly & Disassembly)

Statistics and historical major crane and personnel/material hoist accidents throughout North America and the Caribbean show there is a significant risk of equipment failure during the assembly and disassembly of the equipment. Having an experienced Safety Officer overseeing these procedures will mitigate the risk of having an accident.

Crane Safety & Inspections will:

  • Review the lift plan for assembly, climbing and disassembly procedures.

  • Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the assembly/disassembly crane(s), including crane setup.

  • Have a safety officer present throughout the assembly, climbing and disassembly of the equipment to ensure that all personnel are adhering to procedures.

  • Conduct and document daily safety meetings with all assembly/disassembly personnel that will oversee the procedures, including:
      • Phases of the Assembly / Climbing / Disassembly of equipment
      • Daily rigging inspections
      • Fall protection procedures
      • Jobsite hazards
      • Monitoring wind conditions and other inclement weather
      • Restricted work zones
      • Communications
      • Emergency Actions
      • Ensure that all rigging being used is compliant and properly rigged.
      • Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment and document all load tests and limits are set to the equipment manufacturers specifications following the initial assembly or top-climb.
      • Provide a detailed, dated and timed photographed report of the entire procedure.

Crane Safety & Inspections provides comprehensive insurance to meet your company's requirements.




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