Licensing, certification and continuing education is an essential process designed to develop competent employees, who, through skill, knowledge and attitude, are capable of ensuring cranes and personnel/material hoists are operated and maintained safely and efficiently, protect equipment as well as jobsite personnel and the public during operations.

Crane Safety & Inspections provides instructional & risk management seminars, both onsite, and classroom, teaching crane & personnel/material hoist safety and accident prevention.

Programs are available to all jobsite personnel, from those in the field to upper Management, and instructional programs can be tailored to meet the special needs of clients.

Statistics have shown that well-trained personnel are known to recognize hazards, resulting in fewer accidents than those with less knowledge or skills.

In Addition:
  • Documentation of training provides evidence of the employer’s good faith and compliance with government regulations and requirements, such as
    OSHA 29 CFR 1926.20(b)(4) and 1926.21(b)(2) in the USA.

  • Qualified and trained personnel can increase job productivity by maximizing the use of cranes and personnel/material hoists.

  • Qualified and trained personnel:
    • Can decrease the potential for accidents by having a clear understanding of the manufacturer’s specifications and all applicable regulations for
      cranes and personnel/material hoists.
    • Are able to conduct routine preventative maintenance and inspections, recognize and evaluate conditions that are potentially hazardous to safe
      machine operation as well as jobsite personnel.
    • With hazard awareness training, employees are able to detect potential risks such as the handling of materials or loads under or near electrical power
      lines, improper crane set-up, ground conditions, improper use of rigging causing loss of a load, etc.

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